How We Help Small Businesses

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Outstanding Digital Marketing Strategies To
Build Your Small Business

Website Design
And Development

Most small business websites are not very good. They are very basic because basic is cheap, and they are not very user friendly. Customer expectations are becoming more in line with how a website looks and functions. You don’t want to be the only person eating at a restaurant, and you don’t want to be the only patient in a doctor’s office – you won’t deem them as successful.
This is where we come in.
We design, create, and optimize a very high-end looking website, that is responsive but more importantly, converts visitors to leads and phone calls. We track everything for you so we know exactly how it’s performing, and provide chat functions on the site for visitors.


The bread and butter of new customer acquisition. Most people are familiar with Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and of course, Facebook Ads. But many don’t know the first thing about how to go about making ads, tracking results, and tweaking the creative. Those that do, only dabble a bit and usually spend more money than necessary because they don’t understand all the nuances of running a successful digital marketing campaign. So what do they do?
They hire a digital marketing company.
Believe it or not, most of these companies (and the ones in your facebook feed) don’t really know or understand digital marketing. They might understand one industry, and they apply it to your business expecting the same results, while charging you a boatload of money because they know you don’t understand it all.
Since our company is founded by Dr. James Dalfino, a chiropractor and small business owner who owns and operates 4 businesses, he spent countless hours and dollars learning and perfecting online advertising.
The results?
We use the same marketing strategies in our businesses and will use the same principles for your small business as well. This means streamlined, high-quality new customers and clients, inquires, free consultations, and quality patients.

Social Media

Social Media Advertising, such as Facebook Ads, Twitter and more are rapidly becoming the #1 source for new client acquisition.
Because that is where your clients are….they are on social media!
What’s more, you can get your ads in front of a lot of your potential clients much cheaper than you can with Google Ads and other PPC platforms.
The best part of social media and Facebook advertising is the ability to target the exact type of prospect you want. When you advertise in newspaper or radio, for example…anyone reading it or hearing it is your audience.
​But imagine for a moment that you wanted to target personal injury clients. Sounds like a great target market for your office, doesn’t it?
However, you need a great facebook marketing company, like us to carry out and execute our specific ads that get great responses. Doing it yourself, and you can risk losing your shirt. It has to be done right, and we are the best in the businesses!

Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is that buzz word you hear all the time as it relates to your website, and how strong and healthy it is, and it always seems like there is some firm telling you your website is no good.
While that might be true, the fact is these companies prey on small business owners who know nothing about SEO and leave their fears (and their credit cards) in the hands of these vultures.
Sure, they will tell you they will get you first on Google. And that is what sells their services. The fact is, they get you there for 1 keyword, and it usually is your business in your town. Well, if there are not more than one of you in one town, of course you will show up first!
It’s really about your competitors, your website strength, and how impactful Google thinks your site is compared to others.
Let us handle your SEO for you. And stop paying some other company a boat load of money out of fear. That’s not fair.


You have seen those ads on Youtube right? Video marketing is still relatively new, but it is growing fast. And it is the right time for you to jump in quick.  

Because billions of people are on Youtube, and we all love watching rather than reading. The majority of people are visual people. What’s more, advertising on video sites is relatively cheap compared to Google Ads and even Facebook at times.
So you can get in front of your customized audience, via a video commercial, for literally pennies on the dollar!
BrandMeLocal can create and deploy tailored video campaigns to attract great new clients and customers!

Live Chat

Imagine being available 24/7 for the next interested customer or client?  With live chat, you will never miss another customer or client inquiry again.

We provide live chat function burned right into your website, so that if a potential customer or client has a question at 3AM, your agent will be able to handle a variety of questions for them.  
You will be in a position to help customers day and night!

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