Modern Patient Experience

BrandMeLocal makes it super easy for patients to schedule and confirm their appointments.  Your bank account will notice the difference.


By 2020, more than 2/3 of patients will schedule their appointments online.

BrandMeLocal prides itself on being on the cutting edge, allowing patients the flexibility and ease with online appointment booking.

Online scheduling

We provide you an easy to use online booking system online, where you can schedule appointments and more importantly, your patients and prospective patients can schedule as well.  Your schedule is integrated with Google Calendar too.

Marketing Campaigns

BrandMeLocal excels at creating and deploying campaigns configured around beautiful and effective emails, timely text messages, perfectly placed voicemail drops, and more.  Consistent communication increases the likelihood patients will make an appointment, opt in for care, and stay with your practice vs. seeking an alternative.


Offering virtual healthcare to patients with our platinum telehealth software.  Simple to use, secure and 100% HIPAA compliant, you can now deliver quality virtual care.

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