Keep track of your customers and leads with a CRM

    We provide you a easy to use, customizable platform that allows you to control of your leads, customers, tasks, team, emails, marketing, and more.

    Your CRM will allow you to…

    Run your business exactly the way you want

    Our CRM can be fully customizable so you can manage your business exactly the way you need it.  Our software comes complete with unlimited number of contacts!

    Turn more leads into customers, clients, patients

    Make your business function faster and smoother with a CRM that makes it easy to manage customers, clients, leads, your staff, sales reps, deals, pipeline stages, and marketing automation.

    Covert leads to customers easily

    Using the right CRM, you can stay more organized, track communications, offer two way texting, upload files and pictures, build tasks, create custom fields, send automated emails and texts, and much more.

    Mange pipelines, deals, stages, and more

    Swiftly manage deals and projects, opportunities and piplines in an easy and customizable way.  Assign team members, deadlines and more.

    Marketing automation

    Your CRM becomes a marketing automation machine that can send the right campaign to the right lead or customer to convert leads, sell products or services, increase reviews and more.

    Schedule appointments, offer surveys or questionnaires

    In your CRM, you can schedule appointments directly, or have your customers, clients or leads book appointments right online.  It gets directly added to your sofware.  Create surveys, intake forms, questionnaires and more, all saved into your software.

    Communicate on your website, Google, and Facebook

    Using 2-way texting, you can communicate with your customers and leads directly in your CRM.  Whether you customers or prospects are on your website, on your Google My Business page, or on Facebook, you can text them back and forth right from the convenience of your software.

    Why choose BrandMeLocal?

    • Great Price

    No matter your budget or business size, we have plans that cater to all needs, so don’t worry.

    • Google Experts

    No matter your budget or business size, we have plans that cater to all needs, so don’t worry.

    • Facebook Experts

    No matter your budget or business size, we have plans that cater to all needs, so don’t worry.

    We provide all these hand-crafted business tools.

      BrandMeLocal gives you a Done-4-U product and the tools you need to market and manage your business and a team to make your business grow.


      Build your business with marketing


      High impact converting websites


      Keep track of customers, clients, patients, leads

      Social Media

      Social media marketing

      Email Nurture

      Email, text, VM nurturing


      Book appointments with ease


      Sell your products

      Business listings

      Create, manage, update over 100+ business listings

      Text Message Marketing

      Communicate with customers via text

      Online Ads

      Custom tailored high converting online ads

      Reputation Management

      Increase great reviews

      Content marketing

      Scale your business with marketing