Appointment Confirmations & Reminders

Now you can eliminate the tedious office tasks with our proprietary automagic patient reminders.  Staff and Doctors can review text confirmations instantly, and eliminate dozens of hours per month making phone calls.

Slash no-shows, cancellations, and late appointments

Every time you book an appointment, our system sends timely automated confirmations and reminders by text message, email, and voicemail drops.  Dreamt for years, imagine now ending the manual work confirming appointments and experience efficiency for your front office The New-Fashioned Way.

Automagic Confirmations

Specific emails and text messages confirm patient appointments.  Patients can confirm appointments digitally.


Automagic reminders are sent to patients by email, text, and voicemail drops days, and even hours before their scheduled appointment.

Simplify The Work

Your Doctor dashboard displays all your confirmed appointments and reminders.

Improve Patient Retention

Reducing no-shows and cancellations is now a breeze, and scheduled appointment percentages go way up.

Get Online Patient scheduling today.